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Personal Details

Name : Welleman>

First name : David

Age : 38 years

Birth date : 30 july 1981

Place of residence : Brussels

Marital status : Single

Mon phyisique

Height : 1m81

Weight : 86kg

Corpulence : Athletic

Tatoo : One discreet

Piercing : None


Mes passions








My name is David Welleman, aka Dajian. Coming from the happy union of a dad, printer, and a programmer mom, I got my bachelor's degree in computer graphics and I fell in the matrix being small (it did not exist on TV yet). Result, I love to create design and am very open.

I love nature, going to adventure cerebrally as physically. I love woman, femininity, sensuality, eroticism, NOT PORN, it has nothing to do, so if you're the type : "Oh my god, a bare thigh, what horror!", Go your way.

I am different, I have no right hand, no it is not a disability, I would say that it has some advantages in certain situations. I talk about it, I laugh, I assume it. I'm half deaf too, I know it does not help, but that's it.

Otherwise, I'm straightforward, straightforward, honest, hard-working, single-minded, with a good sense of humor. To really learn to know me, do not hesitate to contact me.

See you soon.


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